At the moment these notes mostly concern Shreibman, Ilitovich, Levin, Lefshitz, Alievsky, Frankenstein, Finkelstein, Waxman, Hodys, Szwarc, Faigin - mostly from what is now Belarus and Eastern Poland. If you hit two or more of these you may well be connected to me. I may also be liable to chatter on about Jewish genealogy, on genealogy in general, and on ways of telling our family stories. 21-7 because that's my birth-day, and coincidentally it's also the proportion of my life I seem to spend messing about on the computer.

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  1. Michael

    Thanks for the link to this. As you know, but others may not, I am also involved in this project as a direct result of my father. His insistence on finding family in the USA by trawling phone books shows a determination far earlier than the web.
    I am glad that we can expand our family connections through this and other sites, I am now beginning to feel guilty that I have neglected the other half of his work which was my mother's family. What I inherited from Maurice, Dad, is on Geni but there is much to be done.
    I will add more as it comes to light so those who share Prinz, Prince, Michaels, Streep may find something of interest.

    Ralph Graham