Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tell your family story online

This is the presentation I used for my talk at the IAJGS Conference last week. The slides are a bit wordy, so you don't need me to tell what they're about here. Some of you may recognise yourselves in there.

And this is from the handout:
How can we tell our family stories so that they can be heard? How can we make our family memories and the fruits of our research available to family members? How can we involve them in telling their own stories? And how can we reach out to others who may share the same roots in family or place?

This talk will look at ways in which we can make use of online social media platforms to share our stories. We will look at how we could use a blog platform to tell the story of a trip, or to collect together brief family tales about people or places, and we will see how we could create our own web-site to tell our family stories in a more structured way. We will also look at how we could organise our visual and audio materials, and other types of document, and make them available to our readers.

The platforms we look at are freely available, and mostly free to use for both authors and readers. They are also very flexible - they are easy to use at a basic level, but can be developed into something more complex if so desired; authoring can be individual or collaborative, and sites can be private or public.

The examples shown in the talk arose from a visit I made with three cousins last year to Belarus, looking for the roots of three of our families.

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